Abstract (10) You should start on a fresh page for the abstract.The abstract sho

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Abstract (10)
You should start on a fresh page for the abstract.The abstract should identify the purpose of the
research, a brief descriiption of the methodology, a notated research design, and data collection
procedures used in the study, the results, and the implications of the study. The abstract should
read no longer than 120 words and should be on a single page. Please indicate the number of
words. There will be a 3-point deduction if the number of words is not included. The abstract
should be consistent with APA 7
th edition formatting.
Results (35)
In this section, you will present the data collected and describe the results of the research. How
did the independent variable(s) affect the dependent variable(s)? Describe the outcomes of the
study by performing a visual, statistical, and descriiptive analysis of the data. Please use the
headings provided in this section.
1. Descriiptive statistics – Use descriiptive statistics to summarize the data from the
different phases of the study (see table below). For example, in a B-C-D design, the table
should cover descriiptive statistics (mean, mode, median) and variability (range and
standard deviation) of each phase of the study as well as the overall descriiptive statistics
for the entire study. If you are placing the table in the appendix, be sure to reference this
in the text. After presenting the data in a table, you should interpret the statistics and
answer the research question or questions of the study. What were the general trends of
the data? Include in the appendix, SPSS printouts of your data analysis.
Research Design Graph:
Mean Mode Median Range SD
Of the three measures of central tendency, which particular statistic best represents your
data? Why did you think this statistic is an appropriate representation? 10
2. Visual analyses – Present the data using line graphs. Your graphs should be completely
labeled and should be drawn according to the relevant conventions (e.g. vertical axes for
the dependent measure; horizontal axes for time). You are welcome to incorporate
additional tables, bar graphs, and pie charts to illustrate the data. Based on the visual data
you should make a conclusion on whether the problem improved, deteriorated or
remained stable. Discuss the trend, stability, and the level of data in each phase. You
may put the graphs in the appendix or in the text. You will be required to use
WORD/EXCEL specific program to draw your graphs. 10
3. Line Graph – Presents data on a line graph, with axes, phases of the study clearly, title
of graph, and the legend (if any) should be clearly labeled. If you are using a group
design, you should also show data from individual participants. Please use the SSD graph
conventions, as discussed in class. 15
Discussion (50)
In this section, you analyze the results based on the conceptual research discussed in the
literature review section. You also discuss implications and consider future research ideas based
on the data of this study. You would be expected to address the social impact of your study and
consider issues of sustainability. Please use the following headings. Do not change or combine
the section headings.
1. Important Results & Connections to Previous Research – Summarize the important
results of your study in the first paragraph. Were the study’s hypotheses supported? What
findings were expected and/or surprising? How do these findings further the discussion of
theoretical issues that were discussed in the literature review? How did the study’s
findings inform the questions you raised in the literature review paper. Please cite,
wherever possible. Extrapolate these conceptual issues based on your understanding of
the results. 10
2. Social Validity & Sustainability – What is the practical significance of the study to the
participant and those around him/her? What did the client (and/or yourself) say think

about the intervention and its impact? What did the significant others and/or family
members say about the intervention and its impact? How does your study illustrate the
different components of social validity? Summarize the qualitative data from your
intervention. Do you think that the gains will be generalized and maintained after the
intervention period? Please address issues of sustainability in this section. 10
3. Successes of & Limitations of the Study – Analyze the reasons for the successes and the
failures of the study. What worked and what didn’t? If you worked with a client for the
project, how did you explain the results of the study to your client? Did you think the
study was effective? Explain whether you used the data was used to advocate for policy
change, if any 5
4. Future Research – Based on the results of the study, what should future research focus
on? Explain how future research could contribute to knowledge development based on
your research experience of the topic. How should future research be conducted on this
topic? 5
5. Mixed Methods Research – If you had to collect data on the same research question
using a mixed methods methodology, how would you implement the study? Which
mixed methods model (as described by Creswell) would you use for your study? Why?
Which specific qualitative method or methods would you use? Describe the sequence of
data collection activities and the procedures of the mixed methods research in detail. 20
After the discussion section is completed, please start on a fresh page for the references,
followed by the reflection paper.
Reflection paper (10 points)
Write a reflection paper (no more than three pages) after the appendices. Please use double line
spacing, depending on the length of the reflection paper. In the paper, document your learning
experiences, both good and bad. If you had to redo this assignment again, what would you do
differently? How could your learning for this assignment be supported and enhanced? What was
the major take away or learning lessons of this paper? Reflect further on the impact of your
learning experience on evaluating practice as a social worker.

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