Also provided in the attachment: (utilize as many references as needed but must

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Also provided in the attachment: (utilize as many references as needed but must be at least three)
The focus of the presentation is an HR Executive recommendation of an innovative system or approach proposed by an HR Strategic Business Partner for an organization (Meta formally Facebook), which encompasses Strategic HRM, International HRM, and an Ethical component. The Presentation will include 4-5 pages of Presentation content, , and References, all in APA format with in-line citations. The focus of Strategic Global HRM Business Partner Presentation is to demonstrate your creativity and innovation around future-focused HR strategy for change. This project also requires demonstration of research on your area of focus. Must be very clear, precise and through. You can make up any part of the plan but must be able to back it with facts (APA). Utilize multiple sources i.e. articles, books (like Mello)
Focusq is on Meta Company formally Facebook and Instagram. Create a business plan utilizing their history and current issues. Create a presentation of a business plan based on possibilities of a recession effects: (must explain strategic paths, ethical path AND international)-MUST HIT ON ALL THREE PATHS)
• needing to cut funding/redirect funding
• how we can keep personnel?
• Would we have to lay off personnel from certain project or just halt and reassign personnel
• Forward thinking based off past and current mission statements and budgets (need to explain and have graphs)
• How can we continue on a lucrative path
• How will it effect the culture nationally and globally
*show & explain a budget moving forward to align with your plan
For additional information and resources, please research the literature on the future leadership role of HR and how to bring innovative thinking into the people part of the business. The challenge of this Presentation is looking beyond “business as usual” and introducing a new creative, innovative idea, system or approach for your organization. Your Presentation must demonstrate
Grading Rubric for Presentation1
Key ASSIGNMENT elements are covered in a substantive way. Content is accurate, comprehensive, innovative, and/or persuasive.
Where appropriate, the presentation supports major points with theory relevant to development of the ideas, and uses the vocabulary of the theory correctly.
There is integration of theory and practice whereby the writer is able to link theories to practical experience.
Research is adequate and timely for the topic.
The presentation covers HR as SBP, global HR, and presents an ethical component.
Organization: 20 Additional Comments
The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

Clear structure, easy to follow. Ideas in a logical order.
The presentation emphasizes the central theme or purpose.
Power point transitions are present and logical, and maintain the flow of thought throughout the presentation.
The conclusion is logical, reviews key points and flows from the body of the presentation.
Format & References: 20 Additional Comments
The presentation, including title page, references, tables, and appendices follow APA style. Content includes in-line citations.

Neat, well formatted presentation effectively using sections, headings, font styles, & white space. Work is original.
Grammar & Punctuation: 15 Additional Comments
Always follows grammar, usage & punctuation rules. See your attached paper for my edits and comments in this area.
Spelling is correct throughout the presentation.
Readability & Style: 15 Additional Comments
Complete, concise, well-constructed power point, with no redundant or ambiguous clauses.
Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought. Each slide consistently has focus on one key idea per slide.
The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.

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