Entrepreneurship for business. Live Case Study on New Start Highland. PLEASE USE

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Entrepreneurship for business. Live Case Study on New Start Highland. PLEASE USE TEMPLATE
•2000 +-10% written words and equivalent of 3000 words in
artefacts, visuals (10 images/screenshots/graphics) and analysed data (up to 5 graphs or
data sets, excel content perhaps 5-10 screenshots of information/ workings
etc.) from your case study work and tutorial tasks. Split the 2000 words across
each section as appropriate, include a full reference list at the end using
Harvard, the reference list is not included in the word count.
4 sections:
1) Critically examine
business issues and challenges in societal, organisational or professional
settings pertinent to their own degree context.
2) Critically apply
programme specific knowledge and co-create entrepreneurial ideas and workable solutions
that respond to challenges as underpinned by the core values of Integrity,
Creativity, Responsibility and Confidence.
3) Demonstrate a
developed understanding and application of a range of business processes and
4)Critically assess
self; knowledge and skills in line with Attributes: active and
global citizenship, an entrepreneurial mind-set, responsible leadership and
Case Briefing:
Review the Strategic Plan Framework and associated
documents (i will upload documents) then prepare a risk register for New Start Highland’s for profit
activities and for purpose

Review the Strategic Plan Framework and public
accounts and prepare advice on funding structures and financial products.
Background of New start Highland
The mission of New
Start Highland is to create opportunities for people facing homelessness and
crisis to experience the right support, at the right time, in the right
environment in order for them to transform their lives. Through a programme of
re-use, New Start Highland provides furniture and household items, which not
only has social implications but impacts in a positive way for the environment
by diverting these items from landfill. New Start Highland accepts donations of
furniture and household items, which are then provided to people setting up new
homes after a period of homelessness. Surplus goods are sold in the
organisations shops in Inverness, Dingwall, Thurso and Wick with profits
supporting the employability training and housing support services. Bikes
are also accepted and refurbished. In addition, donated items are re-imagined
by in-house craftspeople and sold under the Unique Ness brand, again in support
of social purpose.
The social issues
tackled by New Start Highland are three-fold; along with furniture and
household item re-use, a housing support service is in place, as well as a
programme of employability training, helping people in the community who have
barriers to employment to gain the skills to “get a job, do a job and keep a
job”. Items can be donated at any of New
Start Highland’s warehouses or shops located throughout the highlands and
donors can increase their donation by applying gift aid, which allows New Start
Highland to increase their profit up to 25% for each £1 they receive.
New Start
Highland https://newstarthighland.org/ is a dynamic charity based in Inverness with
operations across the highlands. They need to balance both for purpose and for profit
elements of their business.

For purpose:
Employability Training, work placements and
volunteering opportunities
Furniture Provision
Housing Support
Refugee Resettlement Programme
New Start Gardens
For profit:
Retail of second hand furniture and household
items, outlets and on-line
Unique Ness furniture shop
New Start Bikes
New Start Removals and Storage
Order Fulfilment service

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