Part One – Background REQUIRED ELEMENT: Identify the performance setting, perfor

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Part One – Background
REQUIRED ELEMENT: Identify the performance setting, performing ensemble, conductor, and composer of the piece you chose.
Additional Content Ideas:
What was the reason you chose this particular piece?
What were your expectations prior to watching the performance?
Include brief relevant information about the composer and the musical period in which it was composed.
Think of this question in terms of what might have helped you or would help the person reading your report to contextualize and appreciate the performance more.
Part Two – Musical Observations (this should be the main emphasis of your report)
REQUIRED ELEMENT: Choose two greatly contrasting sections of the piece to describe in detail. These could be two different movements or scenes or could be two parts of the same movement. Please dwell primarily on sections that WERE NOT covered extensively in your readings.
Identify the sections descriiptively and with timestamps.
With reference to the elements of music introduced in the course, describe each section and explore the differences.
Identify and describe in detail several notable moments in each section, altogether using at least four core musical elements. Use timestamps to specify precisely where each moment is in the performance.
Additional Content Ideas:
Describe the effect of the overall performance.
What is the overarching mood or message?
Do you perceive a story as it progresses?
Describe other events you feel are significant to the progress of the piece.
Does it have a compelling beginning? Did you find the ending effective?
Mention anything particularly unexpected or surprising that you encountered.
Be sure to distribute timestamps throughout the piece.
Visual Information:
What were some observations about the musicians and the conductor?
Did you notice anything going on that you better understood because of hearing it in a Tiny Interview?
Do you have any other observations?
Part Three – Summary
REQUIRED ELEMENT: Share your overall experience.
If you have been to a classical concert before how did this “YouTube” version compare?
What did you think? Yes, I do want to know if you enjoyed it. But more importantly I want to know WHY you did or did not enjoy it.
If you did not enjoy it, what might have made the experience more engaging?
Would you like to see this piece performed live?

Although I expect you to structure your essay as I have outlined, the essential mandate is for you to complete the three REQUIRED ELEMENTS. The rest of the points are there to stimulate your ideas in completing the essay. You may deviate from those details at the service of cohesiveness and creativity.

If you have not already, take the time to read through the feedback I gave you in the submission comments for all your essays, and in particular for the midterm essay, BEFORE you write your YouTube concert report. If you have any questions, message me through the Inbox to make a Zoom appointment or attend office hours if available.
Writing checklist – IMPORTANT
Met the 750-word length minimum.
Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are correct.
Grammar is correct and complete sentences are used.
Composer’s names and titles of musical compositions are properly capitalized. (It is acceptable to refer to a composer by last name only.)
Essay has three parts with the central part of the essay being the detailed musical commentary.
Paragraphs are organized and cohesive.
All consulted sources have been cited and included in the bibliography. (points will be deducted for lack of citations – see rubric

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