Please write a discussion reply for each discussion (Discussion # 1 and Discussi

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Please write a discussion reply for each discussion (Discussion # 1 and Discussion # 2)
Instructions: Peer Responses 125 Words Each discussion
A. You will respond to another classmate with a substantive comment in minimum 125, maximum 150 words about how their organism is detrimental/harmful to another area of microbiology, after you have read their main discussion.
B. Again, you should provide student original writing, paraphrasing from credible sources, cite your source for this post in text in parentheses, and provide full end ref information in APA 7th Edition format.
Discussion # 1
By Alexandria Russell-Selph
23. Vibrio vulnificus
For this assignment, I chose an article from about a man who was on vacation with his family in Florida when he was exposed to Vibrio vulnificus from a small cut he had on his leg. The bacterium was in the ocean water he swam in and was transmitted through his cut into his bloodstream, where he suffered major pain for several days in the hospital. “His family said he wasn’t in any other body of water besides the bay on Pensacola Beach.” (2022, The Florida family man had to have his lower leg amputated because of his vacation this year.
Vibrio vulnificus is curved and shaped like a rod, it is a gram-negative bacterium. Vibrio vulnificus is a naturally occurring bacteria that thrives in warm brackish seawater. Infections from this bacterium are rare but do occur. According to the Florida department of health, there have been 23 cases with 4 deaths so far in 2022. 2015 had the highest number of deaths 14 and 45 cases reported. 2017 is another milestone for this bacterium with 50 reported cases and 11 deaths. “Water and wounds do not mix. Do not enter the water if you have fresh cuts or scrapes.” (2022, FDOH) To prevent exposure to this bacterium wear foot protection to prevent cuts and scrapes while out in the water. If you have a wound stay out of the water and if you must be in the water, then cover your wounds and keep them clean. Another way of encountering Vibrio vulnificus is through eating undercooked seafood. Cooking seafood to proper temperatures is vital to ensure food is cooked thoroughly to prevent exposure to any bacteria including Vibrio vulnificus.
I live in Florida and knowing that bacteria that can harm me and my family are all around me and included in most of our fun past times such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, etc. Is kind of scary but protecting yourself and educating yourself and others on bacteria like this can raise awareness.

Hughes, C. (2022, July 21). Man battles flesh eating bacteria20 after visiting Florida Beach. WPLG. Retrieved August 8, 2022, from
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Discussion # 2
By Busisiwe Campbell
Rubeola Virus (Measles)
Preventable diseases such as measles might be on the rise in 2022 if there is an increase in the number of confirmed cases in January and February 2022, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF (WHO, 2022). Measles and other live-attenuated diseases are being left unprotected by pandemic-related disruptions, rising inequities in vaccine access, and the transfer of resources from routine immunization. When COVID-19 was at its peak, the possibility of significant outbreaks was reduced by implementing social distance and other measures to protect against the disease. However, disruptions in routine immunizations and COVID-19 vaccination services due to conflicts and crises in countries like Ukraine and Ethiopia, as well as Somalia, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia, have increased the risk for vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, as has the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation, and the overcrowding.
Even if a kid survives a measles infection, their immune system will be weakened, and they will be more susceptible to other bacterial infections like bacterial meningitis and diarrhea due to the virus’s indirect effects on the body, which can be fatal. Social and economic challenges, such as those caused by COVID-19 or conflict, chronic deficient healthcare service infrastructure and insecurity, are the primary risk factors for cases. Twenty-three million children will go unvaccinated in 2020, the largest amount since 2009 and 3.7 million more than this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (WHO, 2022). There have been 21 outbreaks of measles worldwide in the previous year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The majority of instances of measles have been found in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. As the outbreak has disrupted worldwide surveillance systems, the statistics are likely to be higher.
WHO. (2022). UNICEF and WHO warn of a perfect storm of conditions for measles outbreaks affecting children.–perfect-storm–of-conditions-for-measles-outbreaks–affecting-childrenInstitute.

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