the focus was on publishing your course project problem-solution essay. In particu

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the focus was on publishing your course project problem-solution essay. In particular, you developed an outline so you could organize your thoughts and then published your full essay for peer review. Your peers and I commented on the content and organization of your publish.

Now that you have your thoughts down on paper in an organized way, let’s turn our attention to your use of sources to expand on and support your ideas. Did you incorporate source material into your essay effectively? Did you do so in a way that avoided plagiarism?

One way to help you assess your use of sources is to use the (TII) service that DeVry subscribes to. When you submit an essay, TII reads it and flags words, phrases, sentences, or passages that are an exact match to millions of documents on the internet and in their databases.
Generally speaking, a TII flag means that you did not incorporate source material effectively into your essay. It could mean that you did not punctuate a quote correctly. Or it could mean that you did not explain the source’s ideas in your own words and sentence structure.
At any rate, you should resolve the meaningful flags in your essay so that your TII score is as low as possible.

Once you have resolved your TII, the last step is to proofread and edit your essay. Double-check your author tags, citations, and reference list entries to be sure you followed the APA 7th edition guidelines. Proofread your essay for any spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.
For your initial content post, please follow the directions below.
Watch this video about using TII to improve your writing:
(Video uploaded)
Submit your publish essay to Submit Your Preliminary publish for TurnItIn Assessment Here (I uploaded file in the bottom). You should get a TurnItIn report instantly. Study the report carefully, identify meaningful flags, and revise your publish as needed.
When you are ready, comment on your experience using Turnitin to help you assess how well you incorporated sources into your essay.
Did you find TII helpful in identifying passages in your essay that were too close to the original and needed better phrasing or needed quotation marks? If you revised your essay to resolve some meaningful flags, what did you do to revise? Please elaborate.

Over the course of the session, you have gotten more experienced at using APA style to write your essays. This experience will serve you well in your future classes. For your SECOND CONTENT post, please share some tips or resources on writing in APA style that you have found useful.
In addition, please comment on your experience with citation generators. Do you use a citation generator to create your reference lists? If so, which one? Have you found it to be helpful? Have you found it to be accurate?
P.S- do not combine initial content post and second content. Please put label or separate for me so that I can see and understand .

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